Writer + Digital Content Creator

Tia Renee Scott (also known as Tia The Writer) is a professional writer of over 15 years and a growing digital content creator.

She is the current Managing Editor of Flintside.com, an online newspaper that’s exclusive to the communities of Flint, Michigan. The publication specializes in neighborhood-level journalism — stories told by Flint people about Flint people.

Aside from her work at Flintside, Tia writes independent stories about music, love, and life. To read some of these stories, visit her writing portfolio.

She also recently released a composition notebook titled “Relax & Take Notes” as a way to take notes in style. The chic, black-and-white tribal-style notebook was created with the modern creator and notetaker in mind. To purchase a copy for yourself, head over to Amazon.

Tia currently lives in Michigan with her daughter, Britnee, and her handy-dandy MacBook.